DJ Gabriel

Curran Entertainment DJ Gabriel

My musical appreciation is comprised from a variety of eclectic genres, which has manifested into my specific sound. Besides being able to play most any genre of music, currently I have gravitated toward the EDM realm of music. Which includes tones of Rock, Pop, House, Techno, Trance, Progressive, Punk, Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Dub-Step, Garage, Reggae, Ambient, New-Age, 80’s, Disco, Nu-Wave, Tribal, and World music.Aside from displaying my art-form at private and large-scale venues, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded artists on creative projects for future events, recording projects, and films.
Beyond the entertainment industry, I love to live a balanced lifestyle! Additional interests include: understanding the human body and nutrition. I enjoy strength-training, swimming, yoga, pilates, and meditation. I am fascinated with traveling, adventure and, SCUBA diving.

  • Entertaining and MC work a specialty.
  • Karaoke, Trivia, & Professional Emcee.
  • Spent many years in the corporate world, in a variety of industries.
  • recently have obtained an MBA
  • love for being creative
  • passion for making, mixing, playing music, entertaining others, as well as sketch comedy and film projects.
  • It’s all about making a PURE connection with the natural surrounding environment, and the people around me!