June 7, 2021

Had a great time at the Philadelphia Convention Center bridal show yesterday. 

May 25th Wedding

My lovely couple from May 25th
Xiaoyi Ma & Xinyi Hu

May 23rd 2021

Another wedding in the books. Congratulations to Kate and Greg Roach.
I had the pleasure of djing their wedding last night. Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride and beautiful view.

May 16th 2021

Check out the In the mix with DJ Greggie C Radio Show on every Sunday night at 9pm E.S.T. Mixed Hip Hop, R & B, Disco, Club, retro, and House music

May 15th 2021

It’s been a tough year for brides, grooms and vendors, but Curran Entertainment was able to forge through and celebrate with many wonderful new couples. Here’s a few of the couples who let Curran Entertainment be a part of their weddings during the pandemic.

Best wishes to all of you.

May 12 2021

Coronavirus really took its toll on a lot of weddings and other special events. Many weddings had to be rescheduled, while others went on as planned or simply shortened their guest list. This was one of the weddings I performed when we were still limited to less than 10 people. It may have been small, but it was still a special day.

May 11 2021

Congratulations to the new Mr. And Mrs. Brandon Rone. I had the honor of officiating their wedding on May 11th 2021. May they have a long and prosperous marriage.