Dave D (Photo)

Our photography and videography department is headed by a 24+ year veteran in the industry. Dave Delgado states – “I can’t describe enough how much I love weddings.  I am an “Artist”. Instead of painting with my hands, I paint with my eyes.  I visually capture what I think would be in a beautiful painting or portrait.  People, places and things, are always on my mind to seize that moment in an image.  I have over 20 years of experience in the art of weddings and have enjoyed immensely each of the more 1000+ weddings I have done.  I want to capture your passionate, memorable moments throughout the day. The best compliment I can hear from the bride is “Wow! I didn’t know you took those awesome images”. Sometimes you only have one time to take the shot you really don’t want to miss. I am always ready for it.  My passion shows in the images you will cherish forever!!”

Sample Images

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